Dressed Consciously To Swim

Each ANCORA is aware of the environment through sustainable and conscious design and production. Our products are made of filaments from recycled bottles, reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste. We are committed to sustainable production in all our product development, promoting consciousness and providing our community of travelers with unique eco-luxury pieces to enjoy around the world and preserve our paradise. "The traveler has changed, has transformed its mission, and we have joined this new transformation. For the planet, for future generations, and for you."

At Ancora, we work with the highest quality standards. For this reason, we have set a goal to reduce our water consumption, and we are achieving this by collaborating with Colombian leaders in 0% water printing. This process starts with special printers that use sublimation inks on polyester. Through the combination of this process and heat transfer, our Ancora products can be printed without using a single drop of water while maintaining their quality and upholding our environmental commitment.

Eko Red

EKO RED is a company focused on designing and operating a sustainable model that enables the incorporation of post-industrial product recycling into the supply chain. This is achieved through a circular economy model that involves recyclers, warehouses, and industries. By doing so, EKO RED aims to reduce environmental impact and facilitate social and environmental transformation.

Recyclers Network

It is a network of more than 50,000 families in Colombia who depend on recycling for their livelihoods. In collaboration with EKO RED, an alliance was established with the purpose of providing dignified employment to recyclers in Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, and Barranquilla. The recyclers are responsible for collecting the materials and transporting them to the factories where they will be transformed into textiles.


Greenspark isa leading organization in the field of sustainability and environmentalresponsibility. Their tireless dedication to environmental preservation and their passion for findingsustainable solutions have made an impact on our businesses and the community in which we live.GreenSpark is our partner in this story with our planet. Every day, they inspire us to be moresustainable and to be guardians of our planet. With them, we are strengthening our journeytowards a greener and more conscious future.