Our Story

Who we are...

Ancora has been characterized for establishing an enthusiastic, & innovative lifestyle, focused on capturing unique & avant-garde design for men, women and kids. We now focus on making high-quality products from trusted recycled content.

Since 2013

Our Consciously Dressed to Swim lifestyle has taken the brand among 37 Countries of the world, so for now, we just want to welcome you to an universe designed for the real time traveler & paradise seeker .

Designed in Colombia

We designed and handcraft your Ancora in Colombia. An amazing team of 100 hands simply make it happen from designing, manufacturing & shipping to your home a small piece of our paradise; COLOMBIA.

Ethically Made

With each ANCORA you’re purchasing, you’ll support a local mother- head woman. Each piece is ethically made by our amazing strong and valuable women who basically put in all their knowledge & love so you can travel over the world Dressed Consciously to Swim.

Find more about our Ancora World and be part of this community of CONSCIOUS travelers.

In Ancora We Anchor Dreams & We Dress Consciously.