Our Brand Story

Ancora was created in 2013 by a couple of young people, who in the search of achieving their own dreams, they started a project that today is known as ANCORA SM. It is a trip run by a creative mind and another mind with unexplored ideas; whose proposal have transcended in todays swimwear design.

From the beginning, Ancora SM has been characterized for being a conceptual, innovative brand and totally focused on capturing a unique lifestyle for men and women. The slogan “Dressed To Swim”makes a call for the use of trends in swimwear for both men and women.

One of our greatest value proposition, is that we are the first colombian brand to propose exclusive prints that complement the male, female and children lines. This new concept is called “MATCHING FAMILY” or “MATCHING PAIR”.


Design and offer products to the national and international market including the latest trends, with affordable prices for all public. Always with a level of quality in the highest standards and not forgetting the importance of design; our greatest added value.


We position ourselves nationally and internationally as the leader in trends for summer clothing offering quality, exclusivity, and fashion for the right price.

Ancora Important Facts

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How your Ancora is made

We made with love


The road to success is not a path straight nor perfect, however, always we can learn something. The idea is to never get off the boat, and take the lead and get out of the storm.

Laura Mercado
Creative Director