We want to celebrate that great step with each of our clients and thank them for allowing us to grow throughout these years.Meet the new experience #Dressed To Swim

We present ANCORA 2.0. A new experience of the way of buying in ANCORA.

For us to launch our new website brings an endless joy, because not only represents an advance in our company, it is also a gift for each of our customers, who from the beginning have believed and supported our designs.

In the process of creation and design of ANCORA 2.0, we include details that throughout our history we have collected product of the experiences, needs, inconveniences or suggestions of our clients; This new project is not only a necessity products of a globalized economy and in constant movement, it is a project FOR OUR CLIENTS. The beginning of a new experience in:

Caracteristicas Nueva ancora

  • Latest technology.
  • Improvement in payment platforms.
  • Variable products
  • Improvement in the search system.
  • Pre and Post Sale Care.
  • Chat in real time.
  • Accompaniment throughout the purchase process.
  • Mix of sizes.
  • Valuations to the products.

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